Somatic Movement Education

Somatic Movement Education (SME – In the Tradition of Thomas Hanna), is a system of neuromuscular education (mind-body training) which helps you to enjoy freedom from pain and more comfortable movement for the rest of your life.

Somatic Movement Education teaches you to recognize, release, and reverse chronic pain patterns resulting from injury, stress, repetitive motion strain, or habituated postures.

Somatic Movement Education particularly helps relieve pain and disability associated with common health complaints such as: headaches; stiff or painful joints and muscles; fatigue; poor posture; breathing problems; impaired movement; accident trauma and whiplash effects; back pain; repetitive use/stress injuries; etc.

You can begin: Somatics with individual hands-on lessons or group classes. In either case your certified Somatic Movement Education practitioner guides you through an educational process. This awakens your freedom to sense and move your body deliberately, freely, and naturally. You also learn Somatic Exercises™ so that you can continue to explore movement and improve yourself on a daily basis. Somatic Movement Education can enhance the effectiveness of most other health improvement methods you may use.

If you are interested in maximizing the benefits of your health dollar and in achieving quicker, better, longer-lasting results, add Somatic Education® sessions and/or classes to your process. Doing so can enable you to enjoy a rapid and significant improvement in physical comfort, quality of movement, posture and overall appearance