Frequently asked questions

  • Who is this training programme designed for?

    This 200 hour programme is designed for yoga practitioners with a minimium of 3 years consistent practice. There are many trainings of varying lengths and quality so we try to encourage students to attend based on what is appropriate to their existing practice level and not what might at first appear convenient. It takes many years to become a good teacher learning from experience as well as our own practice and studies. This training is designed to help you cultivate your own home practice first and foremost, it will be our own practice that will always be the main platform for teaching.

    For those who want to teach a dynamic practice yet learn how to keep their students bodies safe. For existing teachers looking to become the best they can be through confidence and inspiration. Over twenty years we have developed a system of dynamic yoga blended from the Krishnamacharya lineage that promotes a practice of intelligence and awareness, keeping your bodies integrity safe.

    In conjunction with the above material which is mainly a template, the content of the course includes the insights of the Lead teachers over many years of practice. Any technique or practice shared on this course has been utilised for many years beforehand and is proven for it’s efficiency and beneficial application. Although the exposure to such techiniques may take a short period of time the refinement process will take years. Exposure to unnecessary and seemingly complicated postures or techniques will only hinder the evolution of the individual so this process is kept simple (not to be confused with easy) clear and concise. Coming to a process like this with a ‘Beginners Mind’ is the best approach as it opens the individual to an authentic learning experience and not just another accomplishment.

  • How long is the training, the cost and what are the certification requirements?

    The 200 hour program is laid out in a Modular format. There are 15 modules which may take close to two years to complete. Each module has five individual sessions held over a weekend. These sessions are held on Friday evening and Saturday/Sunday morning and afternoon.

    Once a minimum number of students have accumulated 180 hours of attendance with our lead faculty members we will hold a 4 Day Immersion for the remaining 20 hours to cover Teaching Methodology, Class Sequencing & Philosophy.

    Contact hours – 188 hours MUST be taken with Lead Instructors David Curtis and Ruth Walshe. Each module accounts for 12 hours so a minimum of 14 modules attendance necessary plus Immersion weekend to qualify for certification. N.B  To receive certification all fees must be paid in full.

    20 hours as an 4 Day Immersion Weekend ( held over a Bank Holiday weekend) . To be organised at a separate cost to modules taken to date.

    Total contact hours = 200 hours

    Wicklow Training :

    Each of the 15 modules will cost €160.00 per 12 hour weekend paid directly to the Lead teacher. The modular portion will total €2850.00 (includes €500 deposit) and the 4 Day Immersion portion will cost €450.00 for Tuition and Training Manual. The total cost of tuition and training manual is €3350.00

    Wexford Training ONLY: INTRODUCTORY OFFER!

    The full cost of this FIRST WEXFORD teacher training programme is €2900.00 (includes €400 deposit to secure a space, full tuition, the 4 Day Immersion and Training Manual). A discounted price of €2600.00 if fee is paid in full before commencement of course.

    N.B As we have not previously run a training in Wexford County this is an introductory offer for Wexford trainees only.

    Payment plan: Deposit of €400 secures space once accepted on the course

    The remaining €2500 is due over five payments of €500.00 due one week before Modules 1, 4, 8, 12, and 15 commence.


    A note on the modular format:

    It is a misconception in the present times that a 200 hour training course makes you a teacher of anything. This training has previously been held over one year and then more recently two years to reflect the level and experience of the applicants. However it takes at least 7-10 years of consistent practice and regular teaching to truly be able to call oneself a Teacher.

    No doubt you are aware there are many different training programmes available and we do not think for a second that we have devised the best one however we are trying to meet the students where their current level of knowledge is.

    This means that for most a year-long programme or less is just not long enough to accumulate and integrate enough experience and knowledge to teach effectively or at any great depth. Each module will include a home practice format that is laid out progressively so that the student can maintain an effective home practice in preparation for the next modules content. It will always be our personal practice that lays the foundation for teaching effectively and intelligently.

    When deciding on the right programme for you it is important to consider the quality of the content and experience of the faculty and not just the cost and location of the programme.

    Module Schedule: 12 hours per weekend

    The schedule takes into account how much an individual can actually take on both experientially and intellectually over a given period of time. We have previously done up to 20 hours in one weekend and in reality that is too much to absorb and be useful for most people.

    We meet Friday night 7pm-9.30pm, Saturday 10am -12.30pm and 2pm -4.30pm and Sunday 10am-12.30pm and 1pm-3pm. This course will include an in-depth study of Yoga-asana including but not limited to: Preparatory work, Sun Salutations, Standing postures, Forward Bends, Twists, Backbends and Inversions – Also including Yoga Philosophy, Introduction to Ayurveda, Yogic Anatomy, Teaching Methodology/Practice and Self-practice.

    Graduates will be required to maintain a minimum grade of 85% in attendance and coursework to receive a certification. The Director reserves the right to grant certification on the basis of these requirements only. The certifcation qualifies one to teach only the contents of the foundation course of VFY Ireland. As this is a foundation course it is strongly recommended that graduates continue their studies under experienced teachers on completion of the training.

    Our curriculum is recognised by Yoga Alliance ( An international registry of certification programmes – at the 200 hour level (RYS 200). Insurance coverage is available to those who receive certification through Holistic Insurance (UK).

  • Where can I do this training?

    The next training programme in the current format will be held in Sadhana Yoga Studio, Wexford Town beginning in late September 2018.



    N.B. Please note it is important that the Director observe any candidates practice level to assess whether the training is appropriate for them so please make yourself known as a candidate before any class/workshop you attend begins.



    The following dates are for  modules in 2018 & 2019:

    Sadhana Yoga, Wexford Town

    September 28th -30th: Module 1 – Standing Poses and Basic Preparations – Part 1

    November 9th – 11th: Module 2 – Standing Poses and Basic Preparations – Part 2

    December 14th -16th: Module 3 – Standing Poses Refined


    March 8th – 10th: Module 4 – Sun Salutations and Seats – Part 1

    April 12th – 14th: Module 5 – Sun Salutations and Seats -Part 2

    May 10th – 12th: Module 6 – Primary Seated Poses – Part 1

    July 19th -21st: Module 7 – Primary Seated Poses – Part 2

    September 13th -15th: Module 8 – Backbends & Twists – Part 1

    October 25th -27th: Module 9 – Backbends & Twists – Part 2

    November 22nd – 24th: Module 10 – Review of Standing & Seated work – Part 1


    Ananta Yoga Studios, Wicklow Town

    August 31st – September 2nd: Module 9 – Backbends & Twists – Part 2

    October 12th – 14th: Module 10 – Module 10 – Review of Standing & Seated work – Part 1

    November 23rd – 25th: Module 11 – Review of Standing & Seated work – Part 2

    February 22nd – 24th: Module 12 – Preparations for Inversions – Part 1

    April 26th – 28th: Module 13 – Preparations for Inversions – Part 2

    June 7th – 9th: Module 14 – Full Practice Format – Part 1

    July 12th – 14th: Module 15 – Full Practice Format – Part 2

    August 2nd – 5th: Final 4 Day Immersion


    To apply for this course please submit an Application form.