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Upcoming Workshops and Courses for 2018/19






We are heading back to the Algarve in Portugal for the week of June 22-29 2019

After a fantastic week last year we will be returning to Monte Rosa in Lagos

Check out their website at for more information

Email to express your interest in joining us

Flights with Ryanair fly to Faro on Saturday returning the following Saturday. Airport transfers included. More details to follow.




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Ananta Yoga Studios – Wicklow Town


These workshops will prepare the spine and breath for the more challenging primary asanas and set up the practitioner for the full practice format taught in the Sunday workshops in Blackrock this year.



November 3rd (Full)

December 8th (3 spaces left) 


Times: 9am – 11am and 1pm-3pm

Cost: €65.00


Clonlea Yoga Studio, Blackrock, Co.Dublin

Twisting, Spiraling, Pumping, Weighing and Balancing are some of the many activities we will use to release the spine from the obstructions of the limbs and move into the territory of the upside down world. The King (Sirsasana) and Queen (Sarvangasana) will be explored along with their variations.


September 9th (2 spaces left)

November 4th

December 9th


Times: 10am-1pm

Cost: €50.00



Ongoing Training – 6 Workshop Series – Opening the Energy gates to Yoga


Ennis Yoga Studios  – Ennis, Co. Clare


September 14th -16th – Module 5 – Chi and Prana – Cultivating the lifeforce from the Eastern perspectives


October 26th -28th – Module 6 – The Pathway to Surrender – Observing and dissolving the emotional body


Times: Friday 7pm-9pm  Saturday 9am-11am & 1pm-3pm   Sunday 9am-11am


Cost: €125.00 – Booking essential & prepayment required to secure space


N.B. Certificate of Completion for this series of 6 workshops in 2018 contributes 48hours towards YA CECs

Please email for prerequisites to attendance and a more detailed outline of workshop content.



Coming in March 2019!


A Practitioners Course – An in-depth study of the essential elements to transformation 

Awaken the Lifeforce within from the Root to the Core.

Learn to apply many of the essential elements of a complete practice.

Explore the physical, emotional, and devotional dimensions of the path to transformation.



A Practitioners Course – Curriculum


 Vinyasa Krama – An intelligent and progressive step by step approach to arranging the various levels of postures through both Linear and Spiral movements which stimulate the five winds (Vayus) and the five elements (Bhutas).

Marma System – Through the use of in-depth asana practice and hands-on adjustment we will explore the obstructions common to modern habitual posture patterns and how to address them.

Meridian System – As Chi/Prana travels through the meridian system they pass through the vital organs and can be stimulated with the use of certain standing and seated activities.

Nervous System – Restoration– replenishing the para-sympathetic nervous system through static and dynamic activity. Understanding when, why and how much is appropriate.

Devotional Non-Duality – Transcending the Ego – Learning to let go – the art of Surrender. All the great spiritual masters were adept at surrendering to the Divine. We will explore the techniques of concentration (Dharana) and contemplation (Dhyana) and the philosophy behind these for daily living.




Opening the Lotus – Padmasana – The Lotus posture has multiple variations depending on what internal system one is looking to stimulate and for how long. We will explore this ‘swiss army knife’ of postures systematically.

The King and Queen – Sirasana and Sarvangasana – There is a long list of benefits for these two central activities, however there is also a similar list of contra-indications. We will explore their appropriate application, variations and counter-poses.

Kriyas – Madhya Nauli & The Bandhas – Exploring the techniques associated with activating and moving from the Vital Centre and their appropriate application.

The Pranayamas – Ujjayi Kumbhaka – Kapalabhati – Surya Bhedana Exploring the fundamental stages of a structured and safe breathing practice with the 3 primary techniques used to set up the central channels of Ida & Pingala

The Great Seals – Mahamudra and Mahabhanda – The two primary mudras used to set up the correct internal approach to lifeforce cultivation and clear the energy fields associated with the three base chakras.

Hand Mudras – These gestures work on the nervous system through the energy centres of the hands and correspond to the vital organs.

The Investment: Where, When and how much?


Location: Ananta Yoga Studios, Wicklow Town



9.30am – 12pm

2pm – 4.30pm

2019 – 4 weekends

March 23-24

May 25-26

October 12-13

December 7-8

2020 – 6 weekends – TBA


Tuition: €1620.00 – Deposit of €405.00 secures place – Due by December 4th, 2018

Three further payments of €405.00 – one due by May 1st, 2019 and two in 2020 TBC


This is not a teacher training however a certificate of completion will be provided to acknowledge continuing education credits for those registered with Yoga Alliance as teachers.

The weekends are spaced out over just under two years as the content shared in each will require a minimum of two-three months consistent application to bear fruit and prepare one for the following material.

There will be no written course work however reading material will be suggested to compliment the experiential practice.

Each weekend will begin to set up the above curriculum in an experiential mode. Meaning all the elements that make up a complete practice will be slowly introduced and integrated as we progress. As this is an organic process the above curriculum is a template only and may diverge beyond the initial outline.

There will be a week-long intensive in Monte Rosa, Lagos, Portugal in June 2019 and 2020 to help integrate some of the material in a more intensive yet secluded environment. This will run separately to the PC and is open to all existing students who are not doing the course but have an existing practice of the work shared over the last few years.

Dates for 2020 will be confirmed by Spring 2019.